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Tennyson Park

Tennyson Park


Tennyson is unique in that within our association common area lies a beautiful park. The park is open to all Tennyson homeowners and their quests.  Here you will find playground swings and slides, a serene walking path along Toomer Creek, and picnic tables to stage a party, along with benches just to rest and pass away the time with friends or a good book. Gracious trees fill the park with a sense of granduer that once was the Richmond Plantation, owned in 1715 by the areas prodigious pioneer, William Vanderhorst.


Back then the planation was called the Point Plantation. 

From its earliest prehistoric inhabitants, to the Sewee Indians and other indigenous peoples of the Cusabo tribes, to the first Europeans in the 1600s, Point Plantation in the early 1700s,  the land that is now Tennyson has a long heritage of service to its inhabitants.  Critical to this service in the 1700's were Toomer Creek and its connection to the Wando River, vital waterways moving materials back and forth for the developing economy.  


Those of us who were here as Tennyson at Park West began to emerge could still see traces of that heritage in some of the deep hand-dug drainage ditches used by the plantations on Sewee Fort Road.  And everyone can see and read about the remains of the brick-making operations uncovered by a recent archaeological excavation in our park's western edge on Toomer Creek.  Many of the old bricks still can be seen in the exposed foundation and along the edges of the creek.

Today, our quiet, family-friendly community, bounded by Toomer Creek, continues that heritage as a wonderful place to live, play, and work.  


Enjoy your Park.

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