Tennyson at Park West Homeowners Association
Tennyson at Park West Homeowners Association



The following represents the current Tennyson Association violation application schedule:


The following violations that occur more than one (1) time in any calendar year will result in a fine:

  • Failure to remove garbage / recycling containers from curb at approved times

  • Curb deposits of trash prior to approved times

  • Overnight car / SUV parking in unapproved locations

  • Failure to store garbage / recycling containers from view

  • Failure to pick up pet waste; Failure to control dog barking

  • Street passage blocking caused by multiple vehicles parking across from each other


    The following violations that occur will result in an immediate fine:

  • Unauthorized tree removal

  • Unauthorized changes to your home including changing house color, major landscaping, structural changes, pools, or major play yard equipment

  • Park: equipment or tree/lawn destruction, defacement, or misuse; disorderly conduct; use of unauthorized vehicles

  • Overnight parking of trailers, RV’s, boats, or commercial vehicles

  • Commercial contractor debris placed on curb (tree / grass clippings / construction material)

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