Tennyson at Park West Homeowners Association
Tennyson at Park West Homeowners Association


We live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant. Our tree lined community of custom built homes lies at the nexus of shopping, dining, top notch schools, and family vacation fun destinations. Here, with our family and friends, we have easy access to worship, work, and play. No wonder we love to call Tennyson our home.  


It is precisely these attributes that make us, working together, want to preserve and enhance our community. Our home owner’s sense of pride in living in Tennyson is evident in every aspect of our individual home’s appearance. We tend to cherish and protect every tree, flower, and bush. 


Aside from the pride that all of us as individual home owners possess, there is also a practical side to living in the upscale community that Tennyson is. Collectively we all share in the value created by all of us. Maintaining the beauty and value of Tennyson requires everyone’s participation. That is why we have standards that can guide us in achieving and maintaining that property value that we all desire. Realizing that the busy world we all live in does not allow us to study the CC&Rs, we have condensed the salient points and have listed them below.  Please review the synopsis of the standards and guidelines below. For the complete copy of the CC&Rs, please go to the "CC&R Declaration" link on this page.  





Community Activity Guidelines:


  1. Trash and recycle containers should be put curbside after 6 PM the night before pickup. (Wednesday night for trash and every other Sunday night for recycle).   Containers should then be moved out of sight from the street on the evening of pickup.   Leaves and grass clippings should be placed in brown paper bags, dead tree limbs, and home refuse other than trash (appliances, furniture, wood, etc.) should be placed curbside after 6 PM on Thursday, allowing for Town pickup every Friday morning.   (Days will change if a holiday week)  All debris created by commercial contractors is expected to be removed immediately by the contractor.        
  2. Store all trash and recycle containers in your garage or screened from view from the street or other homes.
  3. Overnight parking on the street or empty lots is prohibited.   Parking is only permitted on driveways or approved paved areas in front of your home. Street parking during the day is required to be in the direction of the traffic, not on the grass, and never adjacent to another vehicle directly across from each other so as not to inhibit the passage of emergency, municipal, or school bus vehicles.
  4. Tree Removal: An ARB request form is required to be presented to the Tennyson HOA management agent (Gold Crown) before any tree removal is conducted. While dead trees must be cut down and removed so as not to be a hazard, approval to proceed must be given by the Tennyson HOA management agent.  The Tennyson HOA fine for the unauthorized cutting down of a tree is $250.00 per tree. Additionally, the Town of Mount Pleasant can impose large fines for cutting down trees not approved for removal. Go to the "Home Owners Request Forms" link on this page to obtain a copy of the ARB tree removal request form. You can also call Gold Crown at 843-751-4027 for more information.
  5. Managing your barking dogs is critical to the peace and quiet of your neighbors. “Peaceful Enjoyment” is a bedrock principle of real estate law. Accordingly, Tennyson has a restriction on barking dogs prior to 7AM and after 9:30PM. Further, dog barking that continues for a period of 15 minutes is considered a nuisance. Walking dogs not on a leash is prohibited by Tennyson as well as town regulations. Picking up your animal’s waste while walking on Tennyson roads, park, and common property is mandatory.
  6. No trailers, RV’s, boats, or commercial vehicles are allowed to be parked outside of your garage or otherwise visible from the street or other homes.
  7. ARB approval is required for all changes to your home including changing house color, major landscaping, structural changes, pools, tree removal, or play yard equipment.
  8. The Park at Tennyson is solely for the pleasure of Tennyson residents. The park is open from dawn to dusk.  No open fires at any time.   No destruction or alteration of property, trees, benches, playground equipment, etc. is permitted. The use of golf carts or other motorized vehicles in the park or on Common areas is strictly prohibited. This is a family park, please respect the peace and privacy of those residents living nearby. 
  9. All assessments and violation fines are expected to be paid on time. 
    The Tennyson board reserves the right to establish fines for CC&R
    violations and to change the schedule of fines and warnings at any time. Presently all fines except unauthorized tree removal fines are $25.00.  Fines may be assessed multiple times for repeated and unrectified offenses.  Warnings can be issued prior to issuing a fine for a violation. If the offense is a repeated violation then there may not be a warning but an immediate assessed fine. 

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